Horizon Zero Dawn is a 3rd person Action-RPG developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony, targeting the PS4 in 2016.

The player character is Aloy, an agile huntress whose tribe survives in a post-apocalyptic open world dominated by a robotic wildlife.

My work on Aloy consists in editing motion capture data in Motion Builder to create final gameplay animations:

- cleaning the data,
- exaggerating the poses, the motion and the timing,

- applying the in/out pose or making loops to make sure the animation will blend correctly in game,
- post-animating props and fingers...

I also help implementing systems in our animation diagram, using Morpheme:
- ensuring good integration of the animation assets together with code and design, in order to reach both visual quality and responsiveness,
- organizing state machines and blend trees,
- layering animation using partial / additive systems,
- playing random clips to create variety...

Game features I worked on include:
- locomotion system (stand, crouch, starts / cycles / banks / strafing / turns / stops),
- idles (defining the main poses and creating subtle loops),
- combat (fire, reload) for various weapons,
- hit reactions,
- dive roll...

More about Horizon on the official Playstation website!